Thursday, 29 December 2011
My WiFi IP Camera/Baby monitor


I remember being in a Microsoft building many years ago wondering what was the best time to go to the canteen when one of the guys I was working with told me to just check on the Intranet. He logged in and showed me a live web cam of the canteen area, placed there so the staff could see when the canteen wasn't busy to go down for lunch.

Suddenly I was more interested in the camera than in lunch as my colleague informed me it was an IP Camera.

"Where can I get one!" was my first question.

He told me they would probably retail at around £600. I gauped at him, I loved the idea of an IP Camera but I wasn't prepared to spend that much on one. Then roughly 6 years later. I discovered a Wireless Camera, with night vision, pan and title functionality, built in microphone and speakers for around £40! You have to admire the evolution of technology!

This camera is by no means the best in its class and from what I can see its a pretty cheaply manufactured Chinese device.  But for the money I spent on it, I get a lot more functionality than I had originally bargained for.

With a bit of fiddling I eventually got the camera to work on my home network on a static IP address. I then setup some port forwarding on my router so I could view the camera on the Internet (password protected).

The camera comes with its own built in web server which has interfaces for most browsers and mobile devices so you can move that camera around from your iPhone, Windows Mobile or Android phone if you want. The cool bit is, is if you install the iPhone or Android app you can also listen in over the camera's microphone! You can also speak over the camera's speakers using the app which is equally as cool when you're playing pranks on people.

At the moment I use the camera as a baby monitor. Its proved incredibly useful as one, given that I can check on the baby from any room in the house now and for the price it provides the same functionality for a much lower price than baby monitors with the same functionality.

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 Saturday, 17 December 2011
Whirlpool ADP 451 Dishwasher constantly beeping

I wrote this blog article because I just couldn't find any information online about to resolve the above issue and hopefully it will save you some time.

Yesterday the drainage pipe on my washing machine came loose and the eventing water works filled the kitchen floor with water as I pulled the dishwasher out to hurriedly get to the washing machine pipe. After mopping up the floor and later that evening putting the dishwasher on, the dishwasher began to constantly beep/buzz and the Express wash light continually flashed. After some searching I eventually managed to get hold of the service manual (not the users manual) for the dishwasher.

It appeared this particular warning is error code 4 which indicates an "Overflow failure". The dishwasher beeps for 30 seconds and then constantly tries to drain water. The thing was there was no water in the dishwasher! However I did click that this may have had something to do with the washing machine flooding the kitchen earlier. Looking around the dishwasher I tilted it up on one side off the floor and as I did water poured out of a small hole onto the floor for a little while. I then tilted the other side of the dish washer over and more water leaked out over the floor for a little while. I then turned the dishwasher back on and hey presto it worked!

The dishwasher obviously thought it was filled with water. However the water couldn't be drained as it wasn't really inside the wash area.

Anyway hope this helps someone Smile

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