Tuesday, 31 May 2011
My morning roundup

BT upgrading its network to Multicast
According to this article on the Register's website. BT's network is suddenly going to become pretty IPTV friendly as BT upgrades its routers. I would imagine BT is getting ready for the launch of YouView?

ASUS's new Padfone at Computex in Taipei
Asus's new Padfone will be making an appearance at Computex computing show in Taipai, Taiwan. 

Not sure how I feel about this device. It appears to be phone that can become a tablet PC by plugging into the back of a tablet attachment. What happens when you upgrade your phone?



Google Chrome OS doesn't need anti-virus software
Interesting article questioning Google's claim that its new OS will not need anti-virus software. Saying that, it is an anti-virus company that is questioning that claim Smile

NASA finally pulls the plug on Spirit Sad smile
NASA has finally given up hope on its Spirit Rover which landed on Mars in 2004 and lasted much longer than its initially planned 3 month life.

A new Bionic Eye gets given the go ahead in Britain
Thousands of blind people have been given the hope of seeing again using an artificial retina implant according to this article on The Express.

Germany to shut down its nuclear power plants by 2022
Its a brave step and maybe Germany will lead the way in clean renewable energy. However I am not sure how Germany will deal with the shortfall not covered by renewable energy. Maybe they will become more reliant on imported gas?

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