Thursday, 18 March 2010
I got iPhoned

Okay I finally gave into the iPhone revolution. I must admit I'm not one to follow the trend and like to stick to more unusual phones that not too many people have. It took me a while but I finally get what the iPhone is all about. Firstly it doesn't really do anything any other phone on the market doesn't already do, however what it does do it does it simply and very well.

Apple's iPhone isn't just about functionality its about ergonomics. It not that you are able to browse web pages, its how you are able to browse web pages on the phone that sets it apart. It also makes you realise what Microsoft might have achieved with its Windows Mobile if it had followed the same route Apple did. Apple gives you an experience and that experience starts from the box your iPhone comes in all the way to the experience you first have with the phone. 

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