Saturday, 14 February 2009
UK unemployment and benefits

The UK's unemployment and benefits culture has been in the news quite a lot recently and the various parties have all come up with ideas on how to solve these problems (as you can see from the links below)

It has become quite a political hot potato where one councillor even resigned over suggesting people who were on benefits should undergo sterilisation.

As I see it there appears to be two types of people on benefits those that want to go back to work and are desperately looking for work and those that have no intention of ever working.

We have seen plenty of documentaries about several generations of one family being on benefits. They have effectively been brought up this way its what their parents did and what they're grandparents did. They have never known anything else and support or pressure from family to get a job is not there because of it. The situation costs the British economy billions each year to support this new culture and there have been various attempts to try and get these people back into work. The problem is, these people may not have the education needed to get them into work. They may never have worked a day in their lives in some cases, so in many cases a skills program is introduced to try and teach people. This is all very well but what I don't understand is why benefits money is given away for nothing.

You're probably wondering where I am going with this. A large proportion of people on unemployment benefit do not want to be there. To them it was a last resort after they had exhausted all avenues of trying to get back into work. In many cases they would take just about any job to make ends meet and to keep their pride. So why not do away with unemployment benefit and introduce a new system.

The solution

Your local council will always have a job for you while it doesn't come with a pension, it is a job. The job could be anything based on the skills that you have it could be office work, street sweeping, helping to restore broken neighbourhoods, helping to take care of the elderly, running day care for peoples children who need child care cover - the list goes on. Paying for this service comes from channelling the unemployment benefit these people would have received to local council where it in effect becomes a salary. Because people are part of this initiative it becomes a tax free salary, people would only work the amount of hours the unemployment benefit money would cover. This way the money paid in unemployment benefit starts to work for the economy jobs that are needed doing which would usually cost councils a lot of money can now be covered by this scheme. When these people are able to find work again their future employers can see that they were in employment for that time. This system also removes the concept of getting something for nothing, it teaches those that would have just lived on unemployment benefit that eventually they can do better. People are no longer strangers to hard work and hence ending the culture we have come to detest so much.

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 Thursday, 12 February 2009
South West Trains
When will South West Trains start being a little greener. Surely its cheaper for them to use the heaters on their trains instead of the aircon units keep them warm. And why not get the doors to automatically close to keep the warmth in when waiting at waterloo station?
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 Tuesday, 03 February 2009
The snow witch hunt

snowOne day of snow and everything grinds to a halt in London and once again the media is out on a witch hunt to find out who is responsible for allowing the city to grind to a halt.

I have been to New York where 15 inch's of snow is quite natural. I have also been to  Vancouver in Canada  where I experienced 7 meters of snow! In New York everything continued as normal. In Canada (understandably) everything ground to a halt briefly before the snow ploughs could make their way through to all the small roads then as in New York everything went back to normal. The difference between the UK compared to the US and Canada is that in these countries this is a regular occurrence in the UK it isn't. That's the reason everything grinds to a halt in the UK when it snows, we are just not used to it. There is almost no reason for the UK to have the heavy duty snow gear we see in these countries as it would probably only be used once every 10 years. Its no ones fault that it snowed heavily and that the London buses didn't operate today or that the already gritted roads needed gritting again because of the heavy snow. There seems to be a constant habit of blaming someone for everything, its kind of how people start suing each other for the smallest of things. Lets just say it was some bad weather and leave it at that? No matter who you blame the snow is still going to fall isn't it?

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