Friday, 27 June 2008
Best cure for hiccups
Just thought I would post this while I remembered. If you have been suffering from hiccups for a while the best cure is to stand in the shower facing the wall and have your partner standing behind you with a pint of water filled with ice cubes. Then when you least expect it they throw the water at your back getting you to gasp, and like magic the hiccups are gone! This has been tried twice and both times it has worked. The reason I say the shower is so that you don't get your living room wet! The reason you face the wall is so you don't see it coming and it becomes more of a surprise as you gasp. This seems to work better than my fake spider trick which will probably only work once.

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 Saturday, 21 June 2008
Scary Movie Guide

If travelling away to some distant destination in the countryside or in the middle of nowhere I will

  1. Always take 2 or more mobile phones with me because in the movies no one has a mobile phone when they are under attack in the abandoned building in the middle of the forest they decided to stay for the night.
  2. I will ensure their batteries are charged scary movies have taught us that mobile phone batteries are always low on power.
  3. I will check the mobile phone coverage before I go because scary movies have taught us that the one place you will get caught is a place where there is no mobile phone coverage.
  4. Take a satellite phone with me because whatever demon or monster it is that will attack me according to the movies will take out the mobile phone masts for some odd reason.
  5. Ensure I have a good gun
  6. Ensure I have plenty of ammunition
  7. Ensure I have plenty of silver bullets for ware wolves
  8. Ensure I carry garlic for vampires
  9. Ensure I carry stakes for vampires along with holy water and cross. One is bound to work ... right?
  10. Take a hazmat suite with me the monsters that will attack me are bound to spread some sort of disease that will take control of its victims and use them as zombies
  11. I will not dare play tricks on my fellow travel companions because if I really do get attacked by monsters they will think I'm crying wolf.
  12. I won't split up from my travel companions.
  13. If one of my travel companions starts acting weirdly I will shoot him (his obviously turned into a monster)
  14. Take an ultra violet torch with me with plenty of batteries it will probably kill vampires?
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 Saturday, 14 June 2008
iTunes 9006 error in Vista when downloading movies

I was disappointed when I started getting a 9006 error when downloading movies on iTunes on my new Vista machine. I looked all over the Internet and even on Apples website and couldn't find a solution to the problem.

But never mind I found the solution to the problem.

  • Delete the failed download
  • Shut down iTunes
  • Go into C:\Users\[Username]\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Downloads and find a folder with the name of the movie you were downloading and delete it.
  • Start up iTunes again go to the Store menu and select "Check for purchases"
  • Your download should now resume.

Hope the above helps. If you are still having problems I would suggest trying a download with Windows firewall turned off to see if it makes a difference.

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 Tuesday, 10 June 2008
House for sale in Egham £219,950

I've decided to advertise my house for sale on my blog. Why? Well because in this day an age of the Internet why not?

I get a good readership on my blog and with a bit of syndication it should end up on a few blog feeds.

Anyway enough about blogging and more about the house I am selling.

We have lived in Egham for nearly 6 years now and love the place, we like it so much we will still be living in the area. The time has just come for a bigger property which can accommodate my wife's businesses and all the family we constantly have staying over.

Key Features



Living Room/Lounge

4.27m x 3.77m (14' x 12'4)

Side aspect double glazing patio doors, coved ceiling, stairs to first floor.






Dining Room

4.57m x 3.52m (15' x 11'7m)

Front aspect double glazed window, rear aspect double glazed door to garden and stairs to gallery area leading to mezzanine study area.





Rear Garden

Paved patio area leading to laid lawn, timber shed, shrub borders and pond.







If you are interested in a viewing, please get in touch with our estate agents Nevin and Wright on 01784 437 437

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 Sunday, 01 June 2008
Maths Question

"You have a car that holds 20 litres of petrol, but it has a leak and is losing petrol at a rate of 10ml per minute. If I know I can get 20 miles on 10 litres how far can I travel before I must refuel?" teacher

"Well I'd only go 5 because there's a Halfords just near my house and my mate Dave is a whizz with fixing fuel tanks," student

"But what if you were not at home?" teacher

"I'd look up a station on my satnav," student

"Okay what if you couldn't find one?" teacher

"I'd call the AA," student

"What if your mobile phone didn't work," teacher

" I'd use my other mobile phone I always charge it at night," student

"Well what if there wasn't mobile phone coverage?" asked the teacher

"Well since my mobile phone operator has 98% coverage it means we must be in the Brecon Beacons where I went last year with my dad and the closest station is 7 miles and they even give you a free retest on your MOT there," student

"I give up..." teacher.


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