Saturday, 31 May 2008
The Owe

We have four cats Oliver, Oscar, Lucy and Owe. Owe isn't her real name, it's Willow but she's started doing some incredibly annoying things. You guessed it – she makes loud "owing" sounds all the time.

Now you would think this would be down to something she is unhappy about such as cat litter not being clean, not enough food or not enough attention. But "Owe" gets all of these things complete with generous servings of ham from the fridge from time to time Owes favourite treat. It's been particularly annoying for my wife who works from home and has to put up with "Owe" owing when she's on the phone. Eventually we decided enough was enough and took the annoying cat to the vet , who of course told us that nothing was wrong with the cat "maybe she's a little stressed?". The vet sold us a cat calming infuser you plug into the wall. It's supposed to calm your moggy down, a bit like camomile tea for cats.

The problem is Owe still continues to "owe" even when standing directly in front of the infuser. The only thing that seems to stop her and is a bit drastic is if you wet her coat a bit she's spends about an hour cleaning herself which gives us some rest.

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 Sunday, 25 May 2008
jQuery unblockUI not working in Internet Explorer

Was annoyed by this problem for ages, for some reason Jquerys unblockUI method was not working in Internet Explorer. The solution to the problem was "code your HTML properly" I had placed a form tag inside a table when it should have been on the outside. Once I had corrected this problem like magic the unBlockUI worked.

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 Saturday, 24 May 2008

Is it me or does the Russian Eurovision song contest song Believe by Dima Bilan sound a lot like Maxi Priests "Wild World" . Not the words but how its starts and the beat?

It's strange when you listen to a lot of the songs how they remind you of songs you have heard in the past, but can't quite put your finger on.

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 Thursday, 22 May 2008
Windows Media Centre 2005 and my Xbox 360 shish!

Having been off sick and confined to feeling sorry for myself on the sofa at home I decided to try out the delights of my recently installed Windows MCE 2005 PC via the Media Extender in my living room known as an Xbox 360. What that last sentence means and I know it sounds like complete gibberish is that Windows Media Centre (Microsoft's media'd version of Windows XP) can play its TV shows, DVD's and movies through something other than your computer screen but actually through your Xbox 360. Using your Xbox kind of like a conduit to your TV screen which you can control with your Xbox controller.

The idea behind it all is super, but my main goal was to watch some of the SkyAnytime shows I have on my Windows MCE machine. I selected "Online Spotlight" from the menu screen now displayed on my TV screen and selected the SkyAnytime feature from here. After that my whole love affair with being able to interactively select SkyAnytime shows from the comfort of the sofa of my living room disappeared. Some how the Microsoft spotlight service thought that SkyAnytime was available to use from within the Media Center. Sky's website on the other hand had other ideas, the Media Centre informed me that Sky's website was not compatible with Windows Media Centre browser. What was more annoying was there was no plugin to add it to my "more programs" section. While I could use the SkyAnytime service in a normal browser on the Windows MCE PC I couldn't use it in the MCE browser. What was the point of that! To top it all, a lot of the other items available in the spotlight menu also didn't work or their sites had long since changed to be incompatible with Windows MCE. The experience was shoddy to say the least, while I know I could download shows separately in BBC iPlayer, SkyAnytime or 4 On Demand and place them in a folder for MCE to pickup and display to me via the Xbox, it was a hassle and my Windows MCE machine was far from the sofa. Microsoft and these 3 players really haven't thought it out properly they could have made so much more out of this and in my mind the user interface is a real shambles. Annoyed by my experience I switched back to good old fashioned morning chat show TV complete with adverts by loan companies such as Ocean Finance which soon sent me back to the land of nod.

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 Tuesday, 13 May 2008
BBC iPlayer for Freesat

Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been on holiday in the Caribbean for a week. It looks like the BBC iPlayer will soon be available on Freesat. Now what I find interesting, is that if the BBC iPlayer gets onto the Freesat service it wouldn't be too hard for Channels 4's, 4 On Demand service getting on there to. They basically use the same Microsoft DRM technology under the covers like Skys Anytime service does. BBC iPlayer is already available on Virgin Media's TV service. On demand TV is definitely the future and to be honest Sky's attempt at it from their set top box has been pretty shoddy in comparison to what Virgin and Tiscali have on offer. I have heard a rumour that Sky may be offering a better on demand service from their newer set top box's that is served over the Internet. Lets see what happens hey?

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