Sunday, 30 March 2008
Easter Fun

DSCN0960 "Isn't Easter Fun?"

"What? I can't hear you!"

he he I couldn't resist :)

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WiFi T Shirt

DSCN0971 I had been working on site with a client (can't reveal the company name because of work confidentiality) who very kindly got me 2 going away gifts. One of them was this rather cool and trendy WiFi T shirt! I don't have to emphasize how coveted an item this is amongst geek's like myself! 

You may laugh at how excited I am in owning one of these but that's only because you secretly want one yourself. Just think when your in the middle of city somewhere with no 3G or broadband you can tell your mates where the WiFi is at!

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 Friday, 28 March 2008
Another Test This Is Another Test To See If I Can Get A Blog Title
Another Test This is another test to see if I can get a blog title
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I'm just testing a new bit of software (new to me anyway) called pocketblog. It enables you to post blog entries from your pda. Hope it works!
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 Tuesday, 25 March 2008
"553 From: address not verified" with BT Yahoo

If you've seen the above error when using your BT Yahoo Internet access you've probably been tearing out your hair trying to figure out why you can't send email using your your own domain name instead of the or account. There are many people who have their own domain names which they use for sending email and BT in their infinite wisdom have decided that every single one of them will have to authenticate their email addresses. BT have not introduced this as a measure to reduce spam, but rather part of an "ongoing programme of security improvements" according to an article in The Register, BT customers are fuming. 

Solving the issue
Anyway if you received the error message you probably would have been taken to the following link which shows you how to verify your email address. But if you like me still got the error message, you've probably missed one important thing the article doesn't tell you. The email verification is case sensitive! That's right the email address has to appear exactly the same in verification as it does in your email program otherwise you will get the above error again.

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 Friday, 21 March 2008
How to poach an egg

  This morning my wife an I decided to have poached eggs, seeing as she took care of dinner last night it was left to yours truly to prepare breakfast this morning (after cleaning the kitchen of course). So as usual I took out the egg poacher cracked the eggs into it perfectly and left it on the stove, placed the bread into the toaster ready to go down while I sat down to sip my coffee. It wasn't long before I smelt a burning plastic type of smell. I rushed into the kitchen to discover the inner plastic frame had melted into the pan. I'd forgotten to put water into the pan! Doh!

Well now that the poaching pan was completely ruined I had to find an alternative method to poaching my eggs...bummer! The thing is the reason we had a poaching pan was that none of us were very good poaching eggs the other way which involved a pot of water. The eggs usually turned out as a snotty mess! So I decided to do a search on Google for "how to poach an egg" clicked on the first link I found which was a comical article put together by someone in more or less the same predicament as me. They had gone to the trouble of googling "how to poach an egg" and had written a piece about each technique. Eventually favouring the place it in a Microwave proof cling film sack and then boil it. I was going to use that method but discovered we didn't have any microwave proof cling film doh!.

What I did

So I decided to brave it and use the Delia Smith method but instead of using a frying pan of simmering water I used a pot with little simmering water at the bottom (enough to cover the egg fully) and a teaspoon of vinegar. I cracked the egg and gently placed it into the simmering water where it sunk to the bottom of the bottom (no need to form a vortex). Letting it simmer (this means there are lots of little bubble at the bottom of the pot, but no bubbling which you usually see when you boil water. To my surprise the egg stuck together (it didn't spread all over the pot), it seems as long as you let it simmer gently the egg kind of stays in one place. So after all this time that's what I was doing wrong! The important and the nicest thing is that the egg only needs to be in there for a minute tops before its ready.

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 Thursday, 20 March 2008
Paintballing on a stag do!

Several years ago I went paintballing for my stag do, it was a funny occasion that saw me covered in bruises at the end where my friends took great pleasure in painting their names on my back as I ran for cover. It so happens one of my good friends David Hedges also decided to go paintballing for his stag do at exactly the same place. Now I would be on the other side of the paintball gun dishing out the punishment .... excellent!


As you can see in the picture above we wasted no time in kitting Dave out with the latest fashion in stag wear - bum shorts. I think this paintballing excursion was definitely the funniest I had ever been on, in many cases our team was winning the game. But as the paintball Marshal said "I can't believe it you only had 1 more person to take out on the opposition team but instead you started shooting each other!" Well to be fair we couldn't believe we were actually winning so when we saw players far ahead of us we naturally thought they were from the opposite side and decided to shoot them!

I suppose its pretty easy to see how "friendly fire" happens in war fare. Thank heavens we were only using paint!

The real fun was at the end when we joined up with the other paintball games to participate in the old ritual of shooting the stags while they ran the gauntlet. I started with 200 bullets and ended with 50, I believe I emptied most of them into Dave ... poor bugger :)

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 Monday, 03 March 2008
Apple sued over caller id

You may have already seen this article in The Register, apparently Apple are being sued over using caller ID in their iPhone. An inventor named Romek Figa  claims Apple infringes the patent he took out in 1990 that identifies a callers phone number coming in and associates it with existing details of the person calling in your phones phone book. To be honest this sounds like just another patent cowboy getting on the band wagon. Some how people seem to be checking existing technology that is in common use today and has probably been in use for almost a decade and are taking out patents on it if no one already has. They then appear to go after the biggest user of the technology or the one with the biggest wallet and sue them.

To be quite frank its pretty disgusting and inhibits technological advances. The last type of case I remember was one brought against Microsoft for automatically starting embedded Java or Active X controls in their Internet Explorer browser. Microsoft refused to pay the fee and got around it by asking you to click on the control to activate it. Web developers got around it by getting JavaScript to activate the control, the holder of the patent however didn't target Firefox or Opera he only went for the big fish.

I think who ever is in charge of the patent office needs to wake up, too many times have such bogus patents been made. Caller ID has been available on phones for more than a decade now, why target Apple? Why not target Microsoft as well they use caller ID in their smart phones too? Don't get me wrong I think patents are important especially for hard working scientists or novices who have come up with a great invention they need to sell so they can get a reward for their hard work. It should not be for get rich quick scheme people.

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