Thursday, 28 February 2008
PC2Paper introduce a virtual printer


If you like me can't be bothered to walk down to the post box to send a letter, then you've probably heard of PC2Paper. Its a service that has become increasingly popular over the years especially with us "techy people" who like to do everything from our laptops. Sending a real letter from the Internet has never been easier!

I've just installed a new bit of software from PC2Paper called the PC2Paper Printer a really clever bit of software that installs a printer on your PC. Print to it and it sends the output as a letter straight to your PC2Paper account! What a clever idea and it works brilliantly!

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 Sunday, 24 February 2008
A PS3 with Singstar!

PS3  When our mates Dave and Anita purchased a PS3 for Christmas I couldn't miss the opportunity to have my phone taken with one (very geeky I know!). Anyway I got my first chance to try out a PS3, I had really wanted one for Christmas but I couldn't get hold of the 60gig versions for love of money (these are the ones that are backwards compatible).  Dave and Anita's PS3 was a 40gig version this meant that older PS2 and PS1 DVD's would not work on their console.

The game I was most interested in was Singstar for the PS3. I'll openly admit now that my wife and I were converted a few years ago to the joy of Singstar karaoke by a couple of friends and since then my wife has purchased just about every English Singstar game for the PS2. Its not that we fancy ourselves as rock artists but that the games are so much fun when you have a few friends over and have had a few drinks. The PS3 version actually allows you to download new tracks off the Internet, how cool is that? I can fast see a new market springing up.

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 Tuesday, 19 February 2008

robottech Ever since I was a kid I have always loved Robotech. It was one of my first introductions to anime, of course in my youth I lived in South Africa and TV really didn't start until 6PM before then we spent most of our time playing outside. So naturally I missed quite a lot of episodes of this great series. But not to fear through the magic that is Amazon I have now purchased the complete box set of Robotech which I intend to watch in its entirety. 

Robotech for those not in the know is set in a fictional future (1999) where the world is embroiled in war until an alien space craft crash lands on Macros Island in the South Pacific. All of a sudden the wars on Earth stop and the worlds most brilliant scientists set to work investigating the alien technology and restoring it under the guise of project Robotech. From project Robotech comes SDF-1 its flagship and many Veriatech fighters which are effectively the coolest part of Robotech. Basically F15 style jets that transform into robotic fighters, later we are introduced to motor bikes and tanks that do the same thing. However its not long until alien badies are on the scene in the form of the Zentraedi who want the advanced technology for themselves and thus the war begins. 

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 Saturday, 16 February 2008
Hillary Nutcracker

He he just found this on Classic Funny Quotes


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 Wednesday, 13 February 2008
Robot Vacuum Cleaner £49.99

How cool is this a robot vacuum cleaner for £49.99 from eBuyer!

Once I have enough money in my gadget fund, I think this will be my next purchase. I only hope it can actually clean the room and is not just a bit of a gimmick. Even so I can imagine it being hours of entertainment for the cats.

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 Monday, 11 February 2008
Personal foot powered energy device

Take a look at this cool personal foot powered energy device called the Weza.

Its battery at full charge is capable of jump starting a car. It can also be used to power other electrical devices.

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 Saturday, 02 February 2008
A bad Egg in credit?

There is an interesting article on the BBC web site on how Internet bank Egg is writing to 7% of their credit card customers to inform them that they are withdrawing their credit cards. Egg believes these customers pose an unacceptably "high risk". However the interactivity of the BBC's web site appears to have revealed the truth on the matter, when customers left comments behind on the BBC's web site.

It appears Egg are ditching customers who pay their debts off in full each month, basically customers Egg isn't making any money off in interest charges. If you think about it, it kind of makes sense credit card companies don't like people who pay any debts off their card each month. These customers don't use their credit card as a credit card they are using it more as a debit card but with the safety a credit card gives you when purchasing goods. If this is the case I will be expecting a letter from Egg pretty soon telling me that they will be withdrawing my card.

What I find interesting is there are people credit card companies are targeting (their ideal customer) who ring up debt and don't pay it off, or only pays off small amounts each month. However there is also a smaller group of more frugally minded people who use credit cards to their advantage and quite legally, who are not profitable to credit card companies. These are people who will:

  • Put all of their work expenses on 0% interest free credit cards and when they claim the money back from their work, place it in a high interest savings account. They then pay off the card completely at the end of the 0% interest free period and keep onto the interest they have owned.
  • Use credit cards purely to earn air miles and pay off the balance in full each month.
  • Use credit cards to earn Nectar points and pay off the balance in full each month.
  • Jump from card to card as the 0% interest free period runs out. These people are better known as "rate tarts". Some are incredibly well disciplined in how they switch from card to card and actually make a bit of interest out of the credit they owe in the process.

Its starting to make me wonder if these happy days for the credit savvy consumer are coming to an end as the banks start to feel the crunch?  

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