Wednesday, 28 February 2007
Dr Carson Beckett is Dead!

StarGate CastThey've killed off Dr Carson Beckett (played by Paul McGillion) from StarGate Atlantis!

He and Dr Rodney McKay were one of the most hilarious comedy duo's I have seen on TV in a long time. I will really miss the way they made me laugh and hopefully his replacement will provide just as much laughter in the future.

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Is ethanol bad for your car?

Having just seen an article on the BBC web site about contaminated fuel (only in Ethanol based fuel it seems)  it got me thinking about a news entry I had seen about issues with ethanol in the USA and Australia.

There seemed to be some rather odd things happening with Ethanol lately where certain cars appear to be having issues with it. Some of the oddest things about Ethanol is all of the major news sites don't appear to say much about it. Although there are a few sites which raise the question or talk about it such as the following.

Ethanol damage to engines confirmed

Ethanol fuel damage on boats

When I am referring to the problems with Ethanol I am talking about when it is mixed with petroleum. Very very strange....

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The Town of Street!

While going to Somerset, I discovered the Town of Street! Well I never thought they would end up naming a Town after me!

Town of Street


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 Monday, 26 February 2007
Online fraud and online ethics

It always amazes me how so many people still fall for online scams. I suppose the Internet being so vast and with thousands of new users everyday there is bound to be fresh meat for the scammers. 

Sometimes I wish when people are first introduced to the Internet that they are made aware of scams. One of the most popular of these scams is the Nigerian 419 Pen Scams or better known as an Advanced fee fraud scam . These scams have been going on for a long time and basically work on the basis of getting you to pay some money up front to help them get some money stuck in a back account in some third world country to be released and you guessed it there is always a corrupt official that needs to be bribed with your money. Now there is a group of people who bait these type of scammers and they have one of the most hilarious web sites I have ever seen 419 Eater.

Some golden rules to remember when working out if something is a scam

  1. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is
  2. If you have been offered a work from home opportunity be wary of web sites that ask for money up front.
  3. If you are on a web site that claims not to be like any of the other get rich quick scheme web sites they probably are.
  4. If you are on a web site that claims to have the secret to getting rich quickly with hardly doing anything in most cases they will have a very long what I call "Sales Piece" about how this secret changed their life until they eventually ask for money or ask for your contact details.
  5. In most cases their secret to getting rich which they will divulge to you is actually a web site just like theirs, you pay them $50 (or what ever the amount is) and you get a site just like them to lure in someone else and it starts all over again. This is in fact a pyramid scheme  which effectively is a non sustainable business model and in most countries this is illegal . It relies on people bringing more and more people into the scam to keep it going. These kind of schemes have been responsible in the past for destroying small economies.
  6. How long has the site been around? You can often check this by looking at the WayBackMachine, who else has talked about this site? Google the site and see what others have said about it.
  7. If the scheme is genuine the person running it won't mind you asking them many questions. After all you are the investor you have something they want - your money.

Put the following note with your credit card

"WAIT! Is this an Internet SCAM?"

The more people we can stop being scammed the less people there are for the scammers

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 Sunday, 25 February 2007
Getting digital music into the living room

Logitec Wireless Music SystemThis little device only cost me £32 off Amazon market place and has moved my digital music from the domain of my laptop with headphones and iPod to my living room.

Finally I can play music off my server upstairs (geeks have many of these at home) and have it beamed down wirelessly to my surround sound system downstairs for everyone to listen to. Now not everyone thinks sharing my music collection with the rest of the house is a great idea but thats for another blog posting. 

The device in question is a Logitech Wireless Music System. One end of this device(the transmitter) is attached to the source of the sound (such as your computer) the other is (shown in the picture) is plugged into your sound system be it a stero, surround sound system or simple speakers. The transmitter is so small and compact it can even be plugged directly into your iPod. In a future blog post I will show you how to remotely control iTunes from a website created in ASP.NET 2.0.

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USB Powered Rocket Launcher

USB Rocket LauncherIntroducing one of my favourite USB powered devices the USB powered Rocket Launcher!

I have had countless amounts of fun with this little device especially when using my webcams at home to take targets shot at the wife over terminal services!

However the USB powered rocket launcher has a number one enemy introducing "felis moggy" or better know as the comon household moggy!



Willow! The destroyer of all electical devices including USB powered rocket launchers


This is one of four of our cats and the second most evil cat in the pride. Destroyer of all furniture and thief of any unattended ham!

I know what you must be thinking, why not shoot Willow with the USB powered rocket launcher? The truth is I have never been able to target willow with the launcher she knows how it sounds and at many times when I have shot a rocket from this launcher she has intercepted it mid air! She seems to relish it being on and treats it like some sort of sport catching the rockets as they are launched....urrrghhhh!


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My wife has started blogging

I set my wife up with a blog quite some time ago, but its only recently she got the blogging bug and has started to blog brought about probably by speaking to some of my friends who did it every day. My wife was quite intersted in informing people who may be interested in Laser eye surgery about her experience with it and all the things you shoudld expect. I went with her when she had her lazer eye surgery and I must say there were some uncertain moments on my part, I wasn't at all happy that she was having both eyes done at the same time. But at the end it all worked out in the end, please remeber if you are accompaniyng someone who has lazer eye surgery that they will completely rely on you in getting them home they will have next to no vision because of the bright light outside until the their eyes have come around. Anyway read the article if you are interested in having lazer eye surgery.

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My First Blog Entry


I'm not new to the blogging community, I've been blogging every now and again on my work blog however I felt the need for a blog that wasn't very closely coupled to work related subjects. If you can understand its a bit odd blogging about sky diving on a work related blog if it has nothing to do with your line of work, not that I go sky diving I just thought I would mention it to make my out of work activities sound cool!

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