Saturday, 03 November 2007
MyBlogLog and Yahoo again

Having spoken to friends who have read my previous post about MyBlogLog traffic trailing off after users where forced to sign-up for a Yahoo account after MyBlogLog joined the Yahoo network. I have discovered that many of them have noticed much the same stem in the flow of traffic. I am not entirely sure why this has happened but they still appear to be getting traffic from BlogCatalog so it must be a MyBlogLog thing, maybe people are taking a while to change accounts to Yahoo or they just don't want to?

To be honest I can't remember the last time I used my Yahoo account this has been the first time I have used it in ages in order to use MyBlogLog again. I think the reason I don't use Yahoo that much is that I mainly used it for its messenger program that started to get incredibly bulky my friends realised they were having the same problem with it and moved onto Google Chat. Yahoo Messenger takes up about 55 - 60megs of memory when it runs which is bigger than MSN messenger (only just). A number of my friends prefer to use Google Chat because it is just so simple and lightweight I think all the other messenger programs out there have tried to pack just too much into their applications. When ever I had a problem with my machine running slow I would usually kill Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and keep Google Chat running some of my friends have removed them all together and just use MSN and Google Chat. Maybe if makers of these messenger programs optimised their programs so they took up less space on peoples machines they'd stay on machines longer? I think Google has the right idea here producing something that is lightweight, so easy to use and just plain simple is definitely the right move.