Sunday, 25 February 2007
My wife has started blogging

I set my wife up with a blog quite some time ago, but its only recently she got the blogging bug and has started to blog brought about probably by speaking to some of my friends who did it every day. My wife was quite intersted in informing people who may be interested in Laser eye surgery about her experience with it and all the things you shoudld expect. I went with her when she had her lazer eye surgery and I must say there were some uncertain moments on my part, I wasn't at all happy that she was having both eyes done at the same time. But at the end it all worked out in the end, please remeber if you are accompaniyng someone who has lazer eye surgery that they will completely rely on you in getting them home they will have next to no vision because of the bright light outside until the their eyes have come around. Anyway read the article if you are interested in having lazer eye surgery.

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