Friday, 24 June 2011

I have just upgraded to BT Infinity and am getting a good 37meg download and about 5.28megs upload (not that happy with the upload but its better than what I used to get).

After the BT engineer installed the new modem I asked him if the BT Infinity Modem (the kit that connects you to the new socket) supports PPoE. The engineer told me it did and I asked if I could plug in my trusty FritzBox instead of using the BT Home Hub (which I was less keen on) he was quite keen to see it work as he hadn't seen one before. I plugged the FritzBox I had setup previously for PPoE WAN over LAN port 1 into the modem and within seconds everything worked! The speed at first was dreadful as I was only picking up 5meg downloads and less than a 1 meg upload. The engineer tested the line and told me he was getting 40meg down and 10meg up. I knew then it had to be the FritzBox, I took a look at the settings and discovered my upstream was set to 5megs and my downstream was around 1meg. Ah ha! I set the Upstream to 5760 kBit and the Downstream to 6400 kBits. I know these values are a bit higher than what is supported on Infinity but it seems to have done the trick in giving me 37meg down and 5.28 meg up.

There is a little guide below for those of you who have a FritzBox. Mine is a 7170 but the FritzBox's are very similar. For those that do not have a FritzBox, you just need to check if your old ADSL router supports PPoE over one of its LAN ports or sometimes referred to as a WAN port. Note this is not replacing the BT Infinity modem which supports VDSL it is just connecting another device to it, other than the BT Home Hub using a standard network cable.

How its done on the FritzBox 7170

  1. Log into the admin interface on your FritzBox and click on Settings
  2. Go to Advanced Settings > Internet > Account Information from the left hand menu (your router may need to be in advanced mode to see these)
  3. Ensure you have the settings as illustrated in the diagram below. The important part is "Internet connection via LAN 1" and the other options should appear for you to select.Note the username is you do not need a password.


  4. IMPORTANT: Scrolling down the page, I set my Upstream and Downstream to the following values (below). You may need to experiment to see what gives you the better speed. Some FritzBox's may not have this setting as they may automatically configure these settings for you.
  5. The next step is to plug LAN port 1 on the FritzBox into the BT Infinity Modem sometimes referred to as the BT OpenReach Modem. There should be some cables that came with your install to do this, otherwise a normal network cable should suffice.

That's really all there is to it, you are basically no longer using the DSL part of your FritzBox/ADSL Router you are just making use of its WAN feature, almost as if you were connecting to a cable provider.

Friday, 27 February 2015 10:52:14 (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)
Hi there

Thanks for the article. I was just wondering if you ever managed to get the YouView extra channels working with your FritzBox?

I have a 7490, and my BT Infinity connection works really well using the FritzBox as a modem and router. I just can't get the Internet channels working. The on demand players work. It seems to be a problem with the multicast settings.

Not sure if you have YouView or just use BT Infinity.


Warren Kerrigan
Friday, 27 February 2015 12:44:48 (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)
Hi Warren,

I had to stop using my FritzBox when I signed up for BT YouView because the FritzBox(well mine anyway) does not support MultiCast you can read more about which routers do here

At the moment I use my FritzBox more like a hub and another wifi spot.

Another option is to use a version of the Infinity modem that enables both ports and have the BT Home Hub come off one and the Fritzbox off the other.
Monday, 23 March 2015 16:57:06 (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)
Hi Rory

Thanks for the response. Seems such a shame to use what could be a great device like that.

I have seen a few (brave), people have had a go at creating a virtual interface to get it working. However, I have a feeling that might be a step to far.

In case its any interest, here is a link to the discussion.

Thanks again for the response.
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