Sunday, 25 February 2007
USB Powered Rocket Launcher

USB Rocket LauncherIntroducing one of my favourite USB powered devices the USB powered Rocket Launcher!

I have had countless amounts of fun with this little device especially when using my webcams at home to take targets shot at the wife over terminal services!

However the USB powered rocket launcher has a number one enemy introducing "felis moggy" or better know as the comon household moggy!



Willow! The destroyer of all electical devices including USB powered rocket launchers


This is one of four of our cats and the second most evil cat in the pride. Destroyer of all furniture and thief of any unattended ham!

I know what you must be thinking, why not shoot Willow with the USB powered rocket launcher? The truth is I have never been able to target willow with the launcher she knows how it sounds and at many times when I have shot a rocket from this launcher she has intercepted it mid air! She seems to relish it being on and treats it like some sort of sport catching the rockets as they are launched....urrrghhhh!


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