Thursday, 20 March 2008
Paintballing on a stag do!

Several years ago I went paintballing for my stag do, it was a funny occasion that saw me covered in bruises at the end where my friends took great pleasure in painting their names on my back as I ran for cover. It so happens one of my good friends David Hedges also decided to go paintballing for his stag do at exactly the same place. Now I would be on the other side of the paintball gun dishing out the punishment .... excellent!


As you can see in the picture above we wasted no time in kitting Dave out with the latest fashion in stag wear - bum shorts. I think this paintballing excursion was definitely the funniest I had ever been on, in many cases our team was winning the game. But as the paintball Marshal said "I can't believe it you only had 1 more person to take out on the opposition team but instead you started shooting each other!" Well to be fair we couldn't believe we were actually winning so when we saw players far ahead of us we naturally thought they were from the opposite side and decided to shoot them!

I suppose its pretty easy to see how "friendly fire" happens in war fare. Thank heavens we were only using paint!

The real fun was at the end when we joined up with the other paintball games to participate in the old ritual of shooting the stags while they ran the gauntlet. I started with 200 bullets and ended with 50, I believe I emptied most of them into Dave ... poor bugger :)

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