Thursday, 22 March 2007
Are you still alive?

Messenger programs have started to become a part of daily life ever since the early use of ICQ, AOL Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger and Google Talk. ICQ was the program in my opinion that really got the ball rolling (for me anyway). Without thinking about it we log onto one or more of these messenger programs every time we turn our machines on. I have about 4 on my machine that advertise to all my contacts that I am online. It has become such a routine that when friends don't see you singing in they start to panic and here are some of the hilarious comments I an friends have made.

  • "I haven't seen <name> online is he still alive?"
  • "I haven't seen <name> online has he been hit by a bus?"
  • "I thought you were kidnapped or something"
  • "Did your broadband go down?"
  • "Is your computer broken?"
  • "I thought I would call because you haven't been online in a while and I wondered if you were ok"

And the list goes on. Isn't it funny that our messenger programs have started to become a heart beat for all our friends to see that tells them we are still around? I'm pretty sure some enterprising person could make a program that monitors your messenger etc you add MSNAlive as a contact to your MSN and it notices when you haven't been online in a while and notifies someone it could be useful for people who travel a lot (like back packers) checking their email intermittently which usually logs into a messenger program. Neat idea hu?

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