Friday, 23 March 2007
Apple TV

I have just been looking at the Apple TV which is available here in the UK now. I think its a brilliant idea, the only problem I have with it is there is absolutely no TV series or main stream movies available for download from iTunes in the UK which is how the Apple TV box gets its content. I can see it making much more sense in the US where you can download episodes of popular shows such as Battle Star Galactica for a couple of dollars.but nothing like that exists for the UK iTunes market. The only video content they seem to have is music videos and I wouldn't purchase this device just to watch music videos I can do that on MTV. Unless you start ripping your own movies to play on the Apple TV box I can't really see much point in its launch over here yet.

I think Apple need to do some serious investing into on demand TV content, they have the hardware all they need now is the content. On demand TV is set to be rather big, Virgin Media and BT has already released a set-top box's that provide on demand TV however BT doesn't seem to be very good at promoting it as half of the people I speak to about it did have a clue it was out there. Come on Apple where's the content?

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 Monday, 19 March 2007
Play Wii games on your iPOD!

How cool is this? Using your iPod video as a a screen for your Wii console. Probably not the most usable but cool none the less. Why? because you can do it? :) Although you would probably need a degree in electronics to do it... I would anyway :)

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 Sunday, 25 February 2007
Getting digital music into the living room

Logitec Wireless Music SystemThis little device only cost me £32 off Amazon market place and has moved my digital music from the domain of my laptop with headphones and iPod to my living room.

Finally I can play music off my server upstairs (geeks have many of these at home) and have it beamed down wirelessly to my surround sound system downstairs for everyone to listen to. Now not everyone thinks sharing my music collection with the rest of the house is a great idea but thats for another blog posting. 

The device in question is a Logitech Wireless Music System. One end of this device(the transmitter) is attached to the source of the sound (such as your computer) the other is (shown in the picture) is plugged into your sound system be it a stero, surround sound system or simple speakers. The transmitter is so small and compact it can even be plugged directly into your iPod. In a future blog post I will show you how to remotely control iTunes from a website created in ASP.NET 2.0.

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