Sunday, 22 April 2007
My New Gym Membership

Friends and family members have been dropping little hints about my technology inflicted gaining of weight recently using subtle remarks such as "you're getting fat". Anyway I suppose since I am losing my athletic macho physic (try not to laugh too hard here please). I decided to join my local gym, now trying to be rather froogle (no this is not just the name of a Google shopping experience) in the past I had cancelled my last gym membership, which had been costing me something in the region of £80 a month, a sum I thought was much better spent on home entertainment systems and the "I'm bored and need a new gadget fund".

Anyway the principle of healthy body, healthy mind and far less feeling under the weather I decided to give going to the gym another stab. I was assigned my own  person trainer who asked me all the the things I wanted to achieve (Cue an episode of Nip-Tuck "Tell me what you don't like about yourself").  I informed her I wanted to get rid of my doughnut belly, yes I don't drink that much beer but the past few IT projects I have been on has really hit it (the stomach) hard with the software developers quickest pick me up "doughnuts and coffee"..... "Mmmmm doughnuts" (slap get out of that!). My trainer set about setting me the work out from hell which involved.

  • Weight lifting (3 lots of 12)
  • Some climbing frame thing (3 lots of 12)
  • Tummy crunches (as many until you burst into tears)
  • Treadmill (3 lots of 10 minutes)
  • Rowing Machine (5 minutes doesn't sound like much but it is)
  • Some pulling machine thing for your abs
  • Some pushing machine for your forward muscles
  • Some weight pulling down machine
  • Some leg pushing thingy
  • A strange squatting exercise with weights

Now two days after my first workout my whole body is aching, its hard to walk, stand, sit, turn or lift anything without feeling muscle ache. My body is aching in places I didn't even realize I had muscles, oh well no pain no gain I suppose? And I'm paying money to for this? Surely I could achieve the same effect by going two rounds in a boxing rink, but then again at least the exercising  machines don't hit back! And one of the benefits of this gym I have joined is they actually have TV's embedded into each exercise machine. Now instead of vegetating at home on the sofa watching TV I can be on a treadmill watching TV! Now if only there was a way I could read my email at the same time (what a geek!)

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