Tuesday, 11 September 2007
Ghost blog

Well that's what my friends have started referring to my blog as, seeing as I haven't posted anything in a while. Its strange how people think you must be ill or heaven forbid dead if they don't see a blog post from you every day. No I'm okay I've just been working hard and have come to the realisation that I actually need a long holiday. A nice hot beach with cool water (not too cold of course) and some nice cocktails. I've had a lot of interaction with Facebook lately and I just can't believe how many people are on there, its almost as though everyone I have ever known has suddenly joined one social network. Anyway I promise to blog some more soon.

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 Sunday, 05 August 2007
My blog and its readers

Hi just and update for readers of my blog.

  • I will usually link to you in my blog roll if you link to me. Let me know if I haven't linked to you yet, I sometimes miss blogs out by mistake. Remember I won't link to you if you are an advertising farm, porn site or just an inappropriate site. I love blogs with genuine content and genuine people and I like to reflect that in my blog roll and links.
  • If you comment I will follow. I strongly believe in following links left behind by people who comment on my blog I believe it helps to enrich the blog sphere so don't be shy comment away. I will naturally however delete spam links, wouldn't you?
  • Need help on anything I have blogged about or are interested in? Please drop me a line I am more than happy to help.
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 Thursday, 12 July 2007
I have won an award!

I've won my first blog award! Wehoo! Thanks Mariuca!

Awesome Guy


I promise I am not going to let this change my life. I'll still talk to my old friends and blog in the same way as I used to.

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 Sunday, 04 March 2007
The blog bug and freedom of speech

I have found it fascinating how blogging has evolved during recent years, how not only has it become a platform for the technical elite but also the platform for the masses to have their say. I can't think of any time has technology empowered a person to convey a message to so many people as blogging has. It has allowed the sharing of ideas and for people to bring their own points of view with no middle organization involved to everyday people.

I think one of the most important things blogging has done is give us facts, it lets us know what genuine real people think about things if they are on the Internet or in the real world and allow us to make up our own minds instead of having to rely on a commercial or government source. Of course many oppressive governments around the world have realized this fact and have kept a very close eye on their blogging community. Thing we take for granted in a more liberal first world about saying if we don't like what the prime minister or president is doing on something could quite possibly get you locked away or shot in one of these more oppressive regimes. 

I wonder when these oppressive regimes will start realize that:

  • Its impossible to stop people thinking about something or express it with someone else. You can scare them or torture them if you find them out but they will still talk about it among themselves.
  • You cannot force someone to believe what you believe if they don't believe you then you have failed as a politician or a speaker. Even if you force them to say they believe you, these are only words and you have fooled yourself in thinking they believe you.

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