Monday, 24 September 2007
Foot and Mouth in Surrey

The Foot and Mouth epidemic that seems to be popping up all over Surrey affected my travel into work for a while, they had to close a few roads which congested traffic and made waiting for the bus a 40minute task.

My thoughts at the moment are with all those farmers in the area who could quite likely see their lively hood disappear, and this was all caused by leak at a research lab into the disease. Surely the the company should be sued or made to reimburse all the farmers affected? A good fine would probably see this sort of negligence never happens again?

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 Saturday, 04 August 2007
Foot-And-Mouth disease in the UK

Looks like Foot-And-Mouth disease is back in the UK. The last time this happened the price of British beef plummeted and students unconcerned about the disease crossing over to humans were dining on cheap prime British beef steak while the rest of the public avoided it like the plague. Funny enough I have just been near the area affected today in Surrey near Ash (which is out of the surveillance zone), the area no surprise has had a number of news helicopters and an increased police presence.

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