Monday, 13 April 2009
Can’t see images on web pages using Vista?

My wife started to have problems seeing various web pages correctly on the Internet. For some reason these websites were not displaying images at all on any browser running on Vista. What made things even more confusing was they worked just fine on our XP and Mac machines.

The first one was PayPal where all of the images on the site didn't load. Because the site looked odd and she thought there may be a scam taking place she didn't want to log into the site. The second was not being able to see the images on the property website

The Problem

Being a tech savvy person I did all kinds of investigations and worked out that all of the sites she had problems with were making use of the Panther Content Delivery Network or PantherCDN for short (you can find out more here  Because these sites have so much traffic they make use of the services of Panther which specialises in distributing this content so you don't get the full load on your servers and the user gets a speedy service. However the one problem with the Panther network as I discovered appears to be an issue with IPv6 and I am not entirely sure why this is a problem. In Vista by default your machine may be setup with Teredo Tunnelling, this basically enables you to use IPv6 over IPv4 . For those not in the know, IPv6 is a protocol brought in to eventually replace IPv4. An IP address is used to identify yourself on the Internet, at the moment the version being used (since the Internet started) is running out of 'numbers' and hence the need for IPv6.

The Solution

So to cut a long story short I found I was able to view these sites again by disabling IPv6. You can do this by

  1. Going into Control Panel
  2. Select Network Connections
  3. Here you should see your network connection in most cases many people use a wireless network from home. Double click on your connection and in the box that appears select properties.
  4. You should see a list of connections properties find one called "Internet Protocol Version 6" and and deselect it.


Once you have done this you can now click OK. Wait about 5 seconds and then try to view those web pages again. I would be interested to hear from anyone else having this problem. I wasn't able to find much help about this issue on the Internet when searching on Google, most people appeared to have the problem but were not able to solve it.

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