Monday, 27 October 2008
Laminate Flooring
My wife and I decided since they had a deal on laminate flooring at Home Base (like Home Depo for my American readers) this weekend, to finally replace the old carpet in the dining room with laminate. What I saw in the advert was 3.98 per box what it actually meant was 3.98 per meter about 8.83 per box. Oh well it’s still pretty cheap right? Well that's until you have to buy all the extras to lay it down it son starts to add up. You'll need a fitting kit and Homebases cheap kit at 9.99 is a bit noddy, you will need a mallet or Homebases equivalent about 14.99. Is that all? Nope far from it, you'll also need a circular saw at 40 pounds, for those long planks if you like me are useless at cutting straight lines. Otherwise a normal saw will do. A foldaway cutting table will also set you back 50 pounds if you don't already have one. Don't forget corking at 9.99 a bag, you will probably need two and then if you are laying it on concrete floors you'll need a vapour barrier at 19.99 for 10 square meters (we needed two box's). See how it all adds up? Fitting the stuff isn't the easiest thing in the world. Now I know my grammar and spelling is nothing to rave about but the instruction that came with the flooring was riddled with mistakes. Anyway if you are planning to lay some laminate flooring, please enjoy yourself! :)
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 Saturday, 16 June 2007
Taps won't work! What to do.

Okay it might seem a bit odd but I do do a bit of DIY from time to time (I'm pretty sure my wife will be sniggering at this comment). One of my last projects was replacing the washer on a tap which is a simple enough task on its own provided that tap actually as a stop cock under the basin. Unfortunately this was the hot water tap and there were no stop cocks to be found and it left me with the laborious task of turning off the hot water cylinder and also the mains water that filled the refill cylinder on the roof (this is the one all the cold water taps in your house come off except the kitchen which should come off the mains) and then draining the hot water cylinder into the bath which took almost an hour.

Once I was happy there was no water left in the system I took apart the tap and replaced the washer put the tap back together again and turned on the mains water supply again. This took about another hour to fill up properly until I didn't hear the water running anymore I then turned on the taps to get all the air out of the system but no matter how long I ran the taps for, the tap with the washer I just replaced wouldn't give out any water. It left me annoyed because I'd probably have to do the whole damn thing over again, some how there was a trapped air bubble in the system which was stopping the flow of water, what to do?


Well its pretty simple actually, all I did was take a garden hose from outside and send water up the tap for a couple of minutes and like magic the air bubble was gone and the tap flowed again!  

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