Friday, 09 July 2010
Healthy eating in schools
I read with interest an article in the Evening Standard regarding the governments plan to do a u turn on healthy eating in schools. It appears the new government is rejecting the teaching of Jamie Oliver and will inevitably end up with school dinners going back to the unhealthy stodgy meals they were in many schools.

I don't believe parents should be forced to get their children to eat healthy school meals although I do believe schools should offer healthy meals. If parents and children don't like that approach they can always send their children to school with packed lunches, but at least the government and schools can say "we provided the healthy option and you didn't take it". Parents then only have themselves to blame if their children suffer from childhood obesity later in life. I am pretty sure if the government stuck with healthy meals in schools, over a period of time (and it will take a while) we will end up with generations who have been through the education system who have known nothing but healthy school meals. These changes are not going to happen over night we are talking decades here to see the end result each generation will eventually pass these healthy eating habits onto their children.
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 Saturday, 02 June 2007
Swearing and British Kids

I was in the shop the other day when I heard a little girl say to her mother in the queue behind me.

"Why the f*ck can't I have that Jay's got one!"

I was quite shocked and waiting to hear the mothers response which was

"Well he's f*ckin older than you isn't he!"

At which point I raised by eyebrows and realized why the child actually spoke the way she did, it was believe it or not the parents fault. Its strange now a days I'm not saying I was never a kid that swore when I was younger but if I was ever caught by my parents I would either get a smack in the mouth or my mouth literally washed out with soap by my teachers. Swearing has become such a common part of life in some areas that its just part of regular conversation. Its shocking but it only takes one generation to introduce it as part of everyday conversation and its gets passed on. I suppose swearing which used to be something used when someone was very annoyed or angry doesn't seem to have that same effect anymore.

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