Friday, 19 October 2007
China and the Olympics

I have watched so many documentary's on TV about how many people have been forcibly evicted from their houses in China to make way for the Olympics and for new developments. China is growing at an amazing pace and are taking every opportunity to try and amaze the world in its capitol Beijing to try and show to the world "look we are an advanced nation with modern buildings and you can bring your big business here!". The horrible truth is that in order to put on this show China is doing what it does best and that is shoving people aside for the "greater good of the state".

I think China needs to learn an important lesson and that is if you are going to put on a show for the world you'd better do it right and that doesn't just mean the show, it also means how you do it. The rest of the world shouldn't tolerate it, an Olympic games that have been put on at the expense of people being evicted from their homes, beaten and forcibly evicted. Its probably time to start boycotting China's Olympics and there are many ways this can be done if China does not change its ways such as.

  • Not watching the Olympic games on TV affects advertising revenues
  • Athletes and countries can pull out of the games
  • TV companies can refuse to broadcast the games.

There have already been many articles on the Internet about it.

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