Saturday, 07 July 2007
Slow computer problems?

A few days ago my machine started to suffer with high CPU usage and was just generally very slow. Naturally being a technical person I examined the event logs and CPU usage followed by what I had last installed on my machine. It appears the culprit was the latest version of McAfee Anti Virus software. I tried all kinds of things with it until I eventually got annoyed and removed McAfee and installed the free Anti Virus program AVG which has given me no problems what so ever.

I also found I am not the only person who seems to be having this problem quite a lot of my friends on older laptops which have been updated to the latest version are suffering the same problem. I feel there is no excuse for McAfee having not extensively tested their software before it was released. Software companies have got to start realizing that when they release a bit of software for a machine that it has to try and play nicely with other bits of software and stop acting as though it is the only piece of the software running on the machine. We have computers to use them, we do not have them for bits of software to monopolize their recourses while we wait until they are finished so we can use our machines.

I am not a die hard Linux or Mac fan but I can understand how they smile knowingly to themselves as we Windows users suffer all these performance issues.

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